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"Million Dollar Web Pages for the UK Business"

An East Sussex business has launched a successor to the Million Dollar Home Page that gives UK business a whole new avenue for promotion and advertising.

Alex Tew recently hit the news with his Million Dollar Home Page. He sold every pixel on his homepage to advertisers for a dollar each. Sussex based partnership Floyd, has given this idea a new twist.

A spokesman for Floyd said " We should remember that Alex Tew made his money selling a service that people found useful."

He added "Links from pixel pages are a powerful way of attracting the attention of search engines. The more links Google finds to a website, the higher it is ranked".

Pixels cost 60p each and sell in blocks of 100. Clients simply decide how many pixels they want to buy, pay by credit card at the website and upload an image to be their link.

Pixel pages seem set to become the advertising hoardings of the internet.

Published: 19:1:2006
Press Release Source: http://www.pressbox.co.uk/detailed/Marketing/Million_Dollar_Web_Pages_for_the_Car_Dealership_Business_50050.html


"Pixel Advertising

...The micro-ads are intriguing because of their small size. Basically curiosity forces you to look at them and find out what they are. This writer spent about 5 minutes per visit to each of the sites "pixeling" (hovering over and clicking on ads). I bookmarked many of the sites and left the pages open so I could go back and click ads I hadn't seen yet throughout the day. It's totally addicting. I remember having a similar addiction when Tetris was released.

Pixel ads could also help many advertisers reach the coveted echo-boomer generation who are notoriously cynical and averse to advertising. Because of their "cute & cuddly" and off-beat nature, pixel ads are an ideal vehicle to advertise to this demographic.

Bob Cefail, Chairman of In Touch Media Group commented, "It's a whirlwind," ... when visitors click on the advertiser's ads,... "they are on these sites for hours..."

Echo-boomer, musician and rock blog owner Bishop Dolarhyde commented: "�the flow of new traffic to my site stayed steady with my 2,000 pixel block which is still ALOT smaller than your average internet ad. No banner ad I have ever purchased, even at MANY times the size, has out-performed micro-ads...  I plan on buying more little blocks to scatter on the page. I am excited about other creative ways I can use these micro-ads to promote my site".

To sum it up: pixel ads are perfect for advertisers interested in getting their ads really looked at and lots of fun for consumers to explore. These micro-ads are the future of advertising and a win-win all around."

Toli Cefail
For Marketing Experts News

"Pixel Advertising:

By Mike Harader

Pixel advertising continues to change as it evolves from a fad to a useful advertising tool for targeted markets. What started with "The Million Dollar Home Page" by Alex Tew has continued to morph into something else. Many have proclaimed that pixel advertising is dead. They state that it was a fad and nothing more.

Now it is definitely true that as soon as people saw Alex Tew making an easy million dollars they all wanted to make some easy money too. This created an instant wave of copycat sites trying to capitalize on the very trendy concept of throwing up a pixel page and hoping people would respond to it just like they did with The Million Dollar Home Page.

Of course, this was not to be the case. Alex Tew was the inventor and with his fresh idea came the reward. But, it was not as easy for the followers and copycats. Many of these sites have come and gone with little to no fanfare.

What is interesting to see now is that many people have taken this creative concept and adapted it to specific niches. For example, someone trying to raise funds for a worthy cause can use a pixel site to help generate income in a unique and fun way.

Other people have created pixel sites that are targeted at specific markets where people with common interests can advertise and find resources for the subject of their interest.

Instead of pixel sites dying out completely as some have suggested, new pixel sites are sprouting up daily capitalizing on this unique way of generating interest, income and advertising possibilities across a broad spectrum of industries and ideas.

Is pixel advertising dead? No, it is definitely not dead, but rather is adapting to the current landscape and carving out a unique way of driving traffic and helping raise funds for different types of organizations around the globe."

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mike_Harader

Published: 29:9:2006


"Choose Pixel Advertising Sites Wisely

By Wendy Suto

While pixel advertising is rapidly becoming the new wave of online advertising, not all pixel advertising Web sites have the same intentions and ethics. Go comparisons shopping before spending advertising dollars so impulsively to find the pixel advertising site right for you.

A new form of Internet advertising has exploded and it is receiving a lot of response lately - pixel advertising. Essentially, it is where people purchase a set of pixels on the homepage of a Web site, inserting their company logo that links back to their own site. Potentially, the end result can be increased Web site traffic to both the pixel site and the advertisers placing their images there.

As a potential advertiser seeking unique online exposure and increased traffic for your Web site, use precautions before spending your money on just any pixel advertising Web site.

Don’t be impulsive with your advertising dollars. Do some comparison shopping online first. Take a few moments to browse different pixel sites, read the content on their sites about their company and what makes them unique among other pixel ad sites. Compare their pricing, the sizes of pixel ads available, the placement of your ad on their homepage, and the length of time your ad will be placed on their Web site.

Choose pixel advertising sites devoted to a charitable or worth while cause…Alex Tew, a UK college student, started MillionDollarHomepage.com (the first known pixel advertising site) so he could save enough money to go to college. There are others like him out there whose primary goal is to use pixel advertising as a way to donate to a charity or help others who are less fortunate. Sites like BannerCanvas.com by owner Chad King were started to raise money to help tear down his mother’s old dilapidated trailer and build her a brand new house on the same property. These sites are definitely worth checking out first.

Seek out pixel ad sites whose owners already believe in natural search engine optimization, and are paying an SEO company for natural and ethical search engine optimization. How can you tell without directly asking? While it may not be the best indicator, one method is to look for keywords in the META titles, META descriptions and META keyword tags on many pages of the Web site. Look for those same keywords throughout the content on the site.

Find pixel advertising sites who will genuinely keep its word on leaving your ad on their Web site for the 5 or 10 years as promised. Many of these new pixel sites popping up everywhere will no longer be around one year from now, because they will have taken everybody’s money and stopped paying for their domain and hosting fees. You do not want to advertise on a fly-by-night-take-your-money-and-run type of pixel site.

Before paying for a pixel advertising site, actually contact the owner of the pixel ad site by phone or email and get to know him or her. Ask that person questions like what he intends to do with the money generated from pixel advertising, or what percentage (if any) will be donated to charity. What charity will the money be donated to, or what individual or family will be the recipient of the donations?

Pixel advertising is fast becoming the latest online trend. As a potential advertiser, first take the time to shop around before choosing which pixel advertising site to pay for, and find out who will profit from your advertising dollars."

By Wendy Suto
President of Search Circus
Website Marketing Firm based in Cleveland, Ohio.
She keeps pace with the latest optimization, link building and article submission tactics.

Article source: http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/6-12-2006-99012.asp
Published 13:6:2006

An Alternate Method of Advertising - Pixel Advertising

By: Paras Shah

Pixel Advertising is a unique alternative to your everyday advertising methods has been stirring up quite a bit of buzz selling 'Pixel Ads'.  There is a new form of advertising that is taking off and from the new coverage it is getting. Currently webmasters spend huge amounts of money to get web visitors via banner ads, popup ads, and pay per click ads. The newest mode of attracting traffic is called Pixel Advertising. 
Businesses and webmasters can purchase pixel ads for one buck per pixel. Although the minimum ad buy is 10x10 pixels, advertisers can create larger ads, in any shape or form (assuming it is divisible by the 10x10 ad blocks). Most sell in the 10px by 10px minimum format since this is logically the smallest usable space. All the blocks bought commonly must form a square or rectangle. The basic premise is that people buy pixels on a web page that link back to their web site. 
One of the most unique features of purchasing pixel ads is the fact that once it is purchased, your ad will remain in place for a minimum of five years. Advertisements will be placed for an absolute minimum of five years. Although we say five years, we expect the website to live for much longer and anticipate its lifeline to be well over ten years.
The site will continue to grow, even after our inventory is filled. I can assure you that the pixel advertising site will not die and will continue to work in both the consumers and advertisers benefit over the years. It will add to the collection of inbound links that all sites need to be successful.

Source:   ArticlesBase.com
Published:  2:10:2006

"Pixel Advertising - Where does it go..?

By:   Tara Roskell

The Alex Tews Million Dollar Home page is a complete phenomenon in its own right. The fact that people would visit a site purely to see a new way of advertising is an advertisers dream. A comparison could only be for people to watch the television purely to see the commercials. This phenomenon can also be seen in shopping channels where people watch the channels purely to buy goods.

So where do things go from here, should we all be advertising on direct clones of Alex Tews site, or should the concept be evolving rather than us seeing direct clones? There are now even sites where you can purchase an off the shelf pixel page to produce your own pixel page.

There are thousands of possibilities out there to capture the imagination of the public and media. As with everything in life there are key points in history, something that starts the ball rolling and forces the rest of the world to think differently. One possibility is that pixel advertising could move into mainstream advertising, electronic billboard adverts could become affordable for the smaller company rather than just the nationals. If the billboard was split into multiple companies logos and then each company was featured for a few second a day on the full screen. There are thousands of opportunities to take advantage of this new medium from the straightforward to the more bizarre.

Will we see people tattooed with pixel squares and inviting people to advertise on their bodies?

Will we see competition sites with prizes hidden under blank pixels, and claimed by the person who purchases that winning pixel?

Will we see buildings where each brick has a sponsor, so the building pays for itself?

Will we see farmers fields in key locations cut into squares and dyed with a company logo?

Will we see the creation of the longest web banner in the world?

The possibilities are endless."

Published:    23:8:2006
Source:    www.pegasusdirectory.com/ongestbannerinthe



"Pixel Ads

Perhaps you have heard of the next 'big thing' sweeping the internet...

...Alex's goal was to sell all the pixels ...
...Did it work? You bet it did!...

Discover the simplicity of pixel marketing..."

Source:         Author of many articles covering SEO and Internet Marketing topics.
Published:     23:8:2006






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